New Year with single soldiers in Haifa (1)

Maale Adumim Magazine, 25 October 2011
 A Toast and gift giving to the ‘Lone Soldiers’ at the Haifa home for Soldiers – Bet Hahayal (English translation)

Initiated by the President of the Carmel College, former Carmel Mayor – Dr. Akram Hason together with his Polish friend Dr. Andre Gasiorowski – President of the ‘Helping Hand Coalition’, and Israeli President’s Military Secretary – Brigadier General Hasson Hasson.
On the Eve Of Rosh Hashanah (The Israeli New Year) a special ceremony took place at the Haifa Bet Hahayal (Home for the Soldiers). This ceremony took place in the honor of all the ‘Lone Soldiers’ who came to Israel to serve in the IDF.
The President of the Carmel College and former Mayor – Dr. Akram Hasson, initiated the ceremony, together with his friend from Poland – Dr. Andre Gasiorowski – President of the ‘Helping Hand Coalition’. Their purpose and goal was to grant all the Lone Soldiers the feeling of warmth and love. They wanted them to know that they have a family who cares for them in Israel, and that their sacrifice and their service to the IDF is very much appreciated.
Dr. Gasiorowski, a businessman from Poland, who in his youth, served and contributed to Israel’s security and the IDF, came to Israel with family. The manager of Bet Hahayal in Haifa – Ilan Shaked, granted him a gift of gratitude, for his initiation and donation.
The Israeli President’s Military Secretary Brigadier General Hasson Hasson, attended as well. He greeted and thanked the soldiers on behalf of the President, for their contribution and service to the IDF. Brigadier General Hasson spoke mainly about the IDF’s value and its deep special connection with many communities in the world. He also spoke of the situation around today, and what is happening.
He greeted and blessed the soldiers personally on behalf of the President, as he requested.
The manager of Bet Hahayal Ilan Shaked spoke about the cooperation of  ‘Friends of the IDF’ organization, and the Druz Organization. He shared a brief review on the Bet Hahayal activities and on the wonderful service of these soldier’s.
Nezmi Halvi form Daliat El Carmel, the father of Druz soldier – Magdi Halvi, who has now been missing for over 5 years, also attended this event. Nezmi, who volunteers daily at the Bet Hahayal, worked very hard to make these connections and received many compliments form Dr. Akram for his contribution, and for still standing strong and helping these soldiers, during this hard time for him and his family as their son is still missing.
The assistant physician Dr. Yitzhak Roizman, who accompanied Dr. Akram Hason, together with the management team of the Druz Organization, spoke about the donation given by the Organization and the College, to the Israeli society. He as well thanked the soldiers and wished them much success on their journey and a Happy New Year.
The soldiers thanked Dr. Akram Hason and Dr. Andre Gasiorowski and the ‘Helping Hand Coalition’, who donated gifts the  for the holidays to the soldiers, and funded this special event. One of the soldiers gave a very touching thank you speech to the donors and organizers of this event.
At the end of the evening Manager Ilan Shaked sent a thank you letter to Dr. Akram Hason which said: “I would like to thank you for your actions towards the Lone Soldiers, and for the success of this event. I wish to thank everyone who had a part of this event and was involved, through you, and of course I would like to thank Dr. Andre Gasiorowski for his assistance. I think this event was very well summarized by the soldiers’ speech, as he spoke and said what this even meant to him and how it made him and the rest of the soldiers feel.
The presence of the Presidents Military Secretary added and contributed a lot to this event, in my opinion, and the presidential presence really moved me very much emotionally. I bless you and thank you for this very successful evening. I am sure that we shall do many more great things in Bet Hahayal for the sake of these soldiers. Well done! With gratitude”.   

Pictures: Top right:  Haifa Bet Hahayal President – Ilan Shaked (in the center), granting a thank you gift to donor Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, from Poland – President of the Helping Hand Coalition. To the left, President of Carmel College – Dr. Akram Hasson. Top Left:  Military Secretary – Brigadier General Hasson Hasson, greets the Soldiers on behalf of the President Shimon Peres. Middle left: The father of missing soldier – Magdi Halvi, Nezmi Halvi (second to the left) who is in between Brigadier General Hasson Hasson and Dr. Akram Hasson, then President Of Helping Hand – Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, and the manager of Bet Hahayal – Ilan Shaked. Second Middle left: The soldiers, with the gifts they received from Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, who came from Poland with his family, and from Dr. Akram. Middle right: The president of Carmel College – Dr. Akram Hasson, greets the soldiers and thanks the donor from Poland. Bottom left: The Lone Soldiers who came to Israel from abroad, at a festive dinner on Rosh Hashanah (The Israeli New Year), at Bet Hahayal. Bottom right: A group photo of the soldiers with the Military Secretary Brigadier General Hasson Hasson, and the president of the Carmel College – Dr. Akram Hasson. 

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