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C4I International Christians for Israel honoured by Israeli Knesset

Christians for Israel honoured by Israeli Knesset

Leading members of the Israeli Knesset honoured the worldwide Christian community for its support for Holocaust survivors and for the modern state of Israel on Tuesday November 22 . The statements of recognition and appreciation came in an official session of the Knesset where Christian leaders from some 30 nations were present.

Earlier in the day government representatives and members of the Knesset took part in an official ceremony in the Israeli parliament where both sides, the Israeli government and the Christian supporters, committed to working together to support Holocaust survivors and combat anti-Semitism. Christians for Israel and the European Coalition for Israel were two of the organizations which were awarded with an official certificate of honour for its advocacy for the Jewish state. The certificates were presented by MK Lea Shemtov who is actively building bridges between Christians and the Israeli Knesset.

Harald Eckert (Chairman of the European Coalition for Israel and Christians for Israel Germany) was one of the keynote speakers at the event. In his speech he reminded the audience that January 20, 2012 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Wannsee conference outside Berlin where Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders decided to implement the so called “final solution” to exterminate all Jews. Read Harald Eckert’s speech

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