Helping Hand Global Forum

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Executive Presidium

Founders (2012)

  • Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman – Helping Hand Coalition 
  • Gen. Roman Jagiel, Chairman – Association of Wounded Jewish Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis
  • Gen. Rafi Eitan, Chairman – Pensioner Union
  • Avraham Greenzaid, Chairman – Veterans Union of World War II Fighters Against Nazism
  • Gita Koifman, Chairman – Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel
  • Dr. Alexander Berman, Chairman – Centrum “Hazit HaKavod”
  • Michael Raif, Chairman – Coordination Committee of Russian Immigrants in Israel
  • Aaron Molotkowski, Chairman – Foundation Zikaron 
  • Albert Veksler, Chairman – Israel Empowerment Lobby
  • Aaron Molotkovsky, Chairman – Amutat Zikaron

Board (2021)

  • Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman
  • Avraham Greenzaid
  • Dr. Avraham Sharnopolsky
  • Igal Even Ziv
  • Daniel Rosen

Presidium Members


  • Avraham Greenzaid – Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism
  • Luke Gasiorowski – Helping Hand Coalition
  • Daniel Rosen – Helping Hand Coalition
  • Rita Tager – Helping Hand Coalition
  • Dr. Avraham Sharnopolsky – Hazit Hakavod – Front of Respect
  • Dr. Alex Berman – Hazit Hakavod – Front of Respect
  • Walaa Sabbagh – Universal Peace Council
  • David Levin – Association of Ukrainian Immigrants in Israel
  • Aaron Molotkovsky – Amutat Zikaron


  • USA: God’s Grace International (GGI), Helping Hand Global Forum Pfp (HHGF), American Friends of HHC (AFHHC), Century 21, GAiN USA, Gateway Church, Israel Food Outreach (IFO), Israeli Care and Relief Efforts (ICARE), Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI), Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI), Joseph Project, Line in the Sand, March of Remembrance, Shofar International
  • Germany: Christen an der Seite Israels (C4I), Global Aid Network Germany (GAiN Germany), March of Life, March of the Nations. TOS Ministries, Initiative 27. Januar, Back to Zion  
  • Canada: Aliyah Return Center, Praise Peace to the World Foundation
  • Mexico: Alianza Medica Christiana, Helping Hand Global Forum Latin America  
  • Poland: Fundacja ESPA, Fundacja OBDS, Fundacja KBCk Kalisz, Serce Dawida  
  • Singapore: Shalom Israel, Raffles Air, Asia Pacific for Israel, Travel 360  
  • South Korea: Church of All Nations, World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) ,
  • UK: Your People My People

Global TV Networks

  • TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network, USA)
  • TBN Poland (Trinity Broadcasting Network, Poland)
  • TBN Russia (Trinity Broadcasting Network, Russia)
  • GCN (Global Christian TV Network, S.Korea)
  • Daily Israel (Israel)

Joined projects of Helping Hand Coalition with the following partners (2007-2021):


  • Israeli state: Israeli Knesset, Ministry of Culture & Sport, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, Ministry for Social Equality, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Ministry of Tourism
  • Institutions: Yad Vashem, The Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun, Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer  
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Israeli Dental Association (IDA), Jewish Agency for Israel, Joint Distribution Committee, Keren HaYesod (United Israel Appeal (UIA), Keren Global Forum for Israel, YAHAD – United for Israel’s Soldiers (UFIS) , Western Wall Heritage Foundation
  • Ministries: Crystal Forum, Daily Israel, Joseph Project, Radiant Group International
  • Diplomatic: Embassy of Russia, Embassy of Belarussia, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of Uzbekistan, Embassy of Kazakhstan
  • Municipalities: Ashdod, Ashkelon, Hadera, Haifa, Jerusalem, Netanya, Or Akiva, Rishon LeZion, Yoknam

GF latrun 001 Andrzej Gasiorowski

Associated Partners

International organizations: representing activities in 180 countries worldwide

  • Helping Hand Coalition – Luke Gasiorowski, CEO
  • Helping Hand Global Forum (USA) – Roger West, Chairman
  • God’s Grace International – Roger West, Chairman
  • American Friends of the Helping Hand Coalition – David Welch, President
  • Christen an der Seite Israels – Harald Eckert, Chairman
  • Global Aid Network – Klaus Dewald, President
  • Israel Care And Relief Efforts – Jeff Shelton, President
  • Jewish Voice – Jonathan Bernis, President
  • March of the Nations – Jobst Bittner, President
  • March of Remembrance  Ted Pearce, Chairman
  • Manna 360 Travel – Jenny Chaw, President
  • Reach out America – Larry Williamson
  • Shalom Israel – George Annadorai, President
  • TBN Poland – Krzysztof Rompa, President
  • Praise Peace to the World Foundation – Chief Bill Williams, Samuel E Joseph – Directors
  • Technology Network Intelligence Group – Ron Robertson, COO

Israeli organizations: representing 100,000 victims of Holocaust, and 500,000 refugees / immigrants arriving to Israel (1945-2013)

  • Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism – Avraham Greenzaid, Chairman
  • Hazit Hakavod (Front of Respect) – Dr. Alex Berman, Chairman
  • Association of Wounded Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis – Efraim Papierny, Chairman
  • Amutat Zikaron – Aaron Molotkovsky, Chairman
  • Hazit Hakavod (Front of Respect) – Dr. Alex Berman, Chairman
  • Israeli Association of Refugee Victims of the Disaster – Yehuda Davidov, Chairman
  • Association of Immigrants from Belarus in Israel – Michail Alshansky, Chairman
  • Association of Ukrainian Immigrants in Israel – David Levin, Chairman
  • Central Organization for Jews from Arab Countries and Iran – Meir Kahalon, Director General
  • Coordination Committee of Russian Immigrants in Israel – Michael Raif, Chairman
  • World Druze Association – Dr. Akram Hasson, Chairman
  • World Organization of Libyan Jews – Meir Kahalon, Chairman
  • Front of the Respect (Hazit HaKavod – Движение «Хазит хаКавод»)

Supported organisations in Israel

  • Amutat Iftach, Amutat She’arim
  • Association of Belarus Immigrants (White Russia) in Israel
  • Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors
  • Association of Disabled Citizens (“Nitgaber”)
  • Association of Immigrants from the Caucasus in Israel
  • Association of Lithuania Immigrants in Israel
  • Association of Ukrainian Immigrants in Israel
  • Association of Wounded Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis
  • Front of Respect (Hazit HaKavod)
  • Holocaust Children for the Future
  • Israeli Association of Refugee Victims of the Disaster
  • Lift Up Your Head Church, Union of Chernobyl Liquidators
  • Veterans Union of World War II – Fighters Against Nazism
  • World Federation of Moroccan Jewry




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