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Executive Presidium

Founders (2012)

  • Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman – Helping Hand Coalition 
  • Gen. Roman Jagiel, Chairman – Association of Wounded Jewish Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis
  • Gen. Rafi Eitan, Chairman – Pensioner Union
  • Avraham Greenzaid, Chairman – Veterans Union of World War II Fighters Against Nazism
  • Gita Koifman, Chairman – Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel
  • Dr. Alexander Berman, Chairman – Centrum “Hazit HaKavod”
  • Michael Raif, Chairman – Coordination Committee of Russian Immigrants in Israel
  • Aaron Molotkowski, Chairman – Foundation Zikaron 
  • Albert Veksler, Chairman – Israel Empowerment Lobby
  • Aaron Molotkovsky, Chairman – Amutat Zikaron

Board (2021)

  • Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman
  • Avraham Greenzaid
  • Dr. Avraham Sharnopolsky
  • Igal Even Ziv
  • Daniel Rosen

Presidium Members



Global TV Networks

Joined projects of Helping Hand Coalition with the following partners (2007-2021):


Associated Partners

International organizations: representing activities in 180 countries worldwide

  • Helping Hand Coalition – Luke Gasiorowski, CEO
  • Helping Hand Global Forum (USA) – Roger West, Chairman
  • God’s Grace International – Roger West, Chairman
  • American Friends of the Helping Hand Coalition – David Welch, President
  • Christen an der Seite Israels – Harald Eckert, Chairman
  • Global Aid Network – Klaus Dewald, President
  • Israel Care And Relief Efforts – Jeff Shelton, President
  • Jewish Voice – Jonathan Bernis, President
  • March of the Nations – Jobst Bittner, President
  • March of Remembrance  Ted Pearce, Chairman
  • Manna 360 Travel – Jenny Chaw, President
  • Reach out America – Larry Williamson
  • Shalom Israel – George Annadorai, President
  • TBN Poland – Krzysztof Rompa, President
  • Praise Peace to the World Foundation – Chief Bill Williams, Samuel E Joseph – Directors
  • Technology Network Intelligence Group – Ron Robertson, COO

Israeli organizations: representing 100,000 victims of Holocaust, and 500,000 refugees / immigrants arriving to Israel (1945-2013)

Supported organisations in Israel



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