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Sorrow and Tears, Joy and Smiles

June 27th, 2019 – 15 volunteers from different countries who came to Israel for the March of the Nations helped to prepare and serve lunch for 16 Holocaust survivors from Hadera. After the meal some of them shared how their fathers and grandfathers were involved in the Holocaust. They expressed deep sorrow for the things their families had done. One of the stories was about a grandfather who served  as a police officer during World War II. He was known for being brutal, and after the war was judged in the Nuremberg trials.

The Holocaust survivors were moved to tears by the memories these stories brought and by the sorrow the volunteers expressed. They started sharing their own stories as well. They were also very touched when one of the volunteers showed pictures of former street children from Sucre, Bolivia, who stand with Israel and financially support the March of Life  work regularly.

The many tears shed during the event were turned into joy and dancing when they sang together a Hebrew song “Next year in Jerusalem”.

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