ZMZ: Make a Happy Holiday for Survivors

לעשות חג שמח לניצולים

אלפי סלי מזון ותווי קניה חולקו לניצולי שואה ברחבי הארץ לקראת ראש השנה והחגים על ידי פעילי ומתנדבי ‘יד לעזרה ישראל’, במבשרת ציון, ביישובי הסביבה ובכל רחבי הארץ

Thousands of food baskets and shopping notes have been distributed to survivors of the Holocuast across the country for the New Year and holidays by Helping Hand Coalition Israel activists and volunteers, in Mevaseret Zion, in the surrounding communities, and throughout the country.

Are there really hungry people in 2019 in Israel? The answer to this can be seen in the project distributing thousands of food baskets and shopping notes to survivors of the Holocaust across the country. “We are amazed and hurt by the plight of thousands of Holocaust survivors each time and love to help them otherwise, without our assistance, they will not be able to celebrate Rosh Hashana,” says Luke Gasiorowski, director of Helping Hand Coalition Israel, which is currently distributing free to thousands of food baskets and shopping bags to the survivors of the Holocaust. The campaign, which lasted for about a month and will continue until the eve of the holiday, focused on 25 local authorities across the country, including Mevaseret Zion and Meta Yehuda.

The distribution is coordinated in advance and includes the distribution of thousands of food baskets that include basic essentials, gift packages including wine, shopping notes for food chains, hygiene and toiletries, kitchen utensils and more. Some of the products have recently arrived in Global Aid Network (GAiN) containers in Germany and are distributed through thousands of volunteers. Recipients of assistance include needy families, single mothers, as well as single seniors. Over the weekend, 120 young people from Germany, who came to visit and volunteer in Israel led by Luka Heisel, met with three survivors of the Holocaust, Maria, Boris and Roman, and heard from them about their fascinating life story and how their lives were saved. The three received recognition from the young. Helping Hand Coalition is an organization that works to help survivors across the country through a variety of actions and measures, including the Shalom House project run by some 25 local authorities and allows survivors of the Holocaust to enjoy a hot meal and social gathering, importing containers with free clothing items distributed to survivors, distributing food coupons for survivors of the Holocaust, documenting survivors’ memoirs, calling for medical help, initiating Bar Mitzvah celebrations for those who did not celebrate it as a child, assisting and participating in the parade, assisting individual soldiers in the IDF in the northern region, and dozens of other projects.

Helping Hand Coalition Israel operates under the media radar for many years from HHC’s Caesarea Villa – a beautiful villa in Caesarea dedicated to the welfare and residence of survivors of the Holocaust only. The villa serves as a meeting place for dozens of classes, lectures, workshops, classes and study sessions, art shows, music and culture throughout the year to tens of thousands of survivors of the Holocaust living throughout Israel. The organization’s co-founder, Andre Gasiorowski, and his day-to-day management is his son, Luke Gasiorowski, along with a dedicated and dedicated staff working in Caesarea and throughout the country on a variety of projects aim to help survivors of the Holocaust living in Israel.

Helping Hand Coalition Israel is an example and exemplary of humble and important social activity, which works in collaboration with many government ministries and aid agencies and aims to help, especially in humanitarian cases, the survivors living with and among us. The association recently decided to unveil its activities to enable more survivors of the Holocaust living across the country to enjoy its diverse service and to improve the quality of life of the survivors in their old age, both in their residential areas and in visits to the association’s home in Caesarea.

For details on the association’s activities: 04-6897030.

Written by: Yitzhak Rabiah

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