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Mobility and Eye Clinic 2020: Week Four – From Akko to Ofakim

February 14th, 2020 – The clinic visited a retirement home in Netanya, where the elderly were helped to receive glasses for distance and reading.

From there the team of volunteers traveled to the north post city of Akko through rainstorm to help 69 elderly with glasses. There were many interesting conversations with the survivors. On the second day, 56 people came to receive help. About 2/3 spoke Hebrew, and the others spoke Russian. The team met Jewish people born in Morocco and others in Siberia. The survivors were so happy to receive eyeglasses. Three people told the volunteers that they had never had a pair of glasses. When they put the eyeglasses on for the first time, a smile spread across their faces as they exclaimed that they could see clearly.

Next, the clinic travelled south to Bnei Ayish to distribute mobility items and eyeglasses. The mobility items were purchased by Abraham’s Children, a non-profit organization. Survivors were very thankful to receive 26 walkers with wheels, 25 canes, and 2 wheelchairs. The team was able to assist them so that everything was adjusted properly. A few people recently had surgeries and were much more confident to walk after receiving their walker. 81 people were helped with eyeglasses.

The clinic helped 48 people receive eyeglasses in Ofakim, a city near Gaza. The leader of the group told the team that since their club is located in a community bomb shelter, some of them were staying the night in the shelter last November during all of the rocket attacks. They were thankful for the eyeglasses.


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