Standing by Survivors in Times of Crisis

April 1st, 2020 – In such difficult & challenging times, in accordance to the government strict regulations of quarantine and multiple limits on going outside and moving from place to place, Helping Hand Coalition for Israel has been immensely privileged to be able to continue helping Survivors of the Holocaust in the cities of Rehovot, Petach Tikva, Kiryat Gat, Hertzlyah, with gift grocery cards for shopping, right before the Jewish Passover feast.

The funds come from hundreds of German sponsor families through GAiN Germany. The elderly say they have been tremendously blessed with the attention and support, realizing that they are not forgotten, and there are people who still care for them.

At one local elderly center, the building manager together with the IDF facilitated and helped handing out the special financial gift to the supported individuals. At various homes, family members and care takers assisted in receiving the help for the elderly, and the ones who came to their home door step were so happy to see familiar faces, even at 3 meter distance! It gave them a huge boost of hope in such troubling times, when especially the elderly are forced to stay alone in their homes.

Some pictures from elderly in their homes were sent by their home care-takers after they collected the support for them.

Thank you so much GAiN Germany for blessing the Survivors of the Holocaust!