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Helping Hundreds in Nof Ha-Galil

July 5th, 2020 – Hundreds of new immigrants from Russia, Ukraine; underprivileged families and local residents of one of the toughest & poorest neighborhood in Nof Ha-Galil (formerly Nazareth Illit) and nationwide received amazing Adidas and more sportswear donation, thanks to the generosity of GAiN Germany who shipped such incredible goods and thus blessed thousands of people all over the Land this past month and summer 2020.

One mother of 7 (our feature image), who came to receive the goods at the local center was very grateful for quality items for her children. Her family made aliyah half a year ago to Israel from Ukraine. She rents a 3 bedroom apartment on the 5th floor without an elevator, with her 7 children and husband.

A youth from Nof Ha Galil said he always saw his classmates coming to school with great items and that he couldn’t believe that now he could go to school with brand new beautiful shoes and clothing.

Also, summer camp is about to start at the local center, with an expected 300-500 children and youths in attendance from local underprivileged families, it will be an amazing opportunity to bless the children, youths and their families and help in practical ways .

The goods were delivered by the Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum to the Gordon community center (located in the middle of the neighborhood), local Deputy Mayor Sasha Gadalkin called Helping Hand Coalition for Israel to thank them and their amazing German sponsors for caring for such a financially struggling city and neighborhood.


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