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Communities Around Jerusalem and in Ashdod Receive Great Sportswear Donations

January 23rd, 2022 – The Domari Society received amazing sportswear clothing and dress shoes for hundreds of children, youths and families in need in the Jerusalem area. This community has been living in Israel for over 300 years, and unfortunately they do not get any aid from either Israeli government or Palestinian authorities, as non citizen residents. Many underprivileged families will be greatly blessed with the donation, especially at a time when many have been affected by Corona and unemployment.

The Agape foundation, which helps poor families from the Jerusalem area, also received great sportswear clothing for the winter and dress shoes, to be distributed in the surrounding villages and also for their ministry house.

Ashdod and Beit Shemesh (town near Jerusalem) Victims of the Holocaust/Ghetto survivors received more great elegant dress shoes which will be donated to more than 200 elderly from both cities. Vladimir Linstergarten and Boris Dashievski, heads of local survivors’ organizations, were very grateful to be receiving the donations and send their best wishes to all Helping Hand Coalition for Israel sponsors for their constant care and support.

A huge thanks to GAiN Germany for shipping such high-quality goods and to our local partners Joseph Project for handling all the logistics of bringing the precious donation into Israel. Amazing team work!

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