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Support for Survivors in Ashdod, Beersheva and Petach Tikva from GAiN Sponsors

April 27th, 2022 – Maria, one of the victims of the Holocaust from Ashdod (top photo), reading the Bible in her tiny one-room apartment – she was so happy for the visit and support she received from her German sponsor! She sends many blessings and greetings to all on Helping Hand Coalition for Israel team and to the wonderful sponsors behind the donation.

Boris, a ghetto survivor living in Beersheva (middle photo), was very grateful to receive extra help from his GAiN Sponsorship Program sponsor.

Petach Tikva Ghetto survivor Anatoli and his wife (bottom photo) have just recovered from Corona. They were so blessed to receive a visit from Helping Hand Coalition for Israel team, and financial support from their German sponsor.

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