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Brand New Sports Shoes for Elderly and Underprivileged

February 21st, 2023 ā€“ Petach Tikva Aliyah department of municipality received brand new sportswear shoes. The goods will be distributed to hundreds of new immigrant families and individuals in need from the area.

In Ashkelon, hundreds of new immigrant families and underprivileged individuals also received brand new Adidas and other brands of sportswear shoes, thanks to GAiN Germany. Together with the municipality of Ashkelon, deputy Mayor Sofia Beilyn and her team, the Helping Hand Coalition for Israel participated in one of several distributions. The special donation went to new immigrant families from the former USSR, Ukrainian refugees, single mothers and to the residents of local underprivileged neighborhoods, living under the lines of poverty in Israel. A special thanks to Sofia Beilyn and her team for coordinating the distributions.

N., a single mother, was so touched with the donation that she sent a touching voice message via WhatsApp to the Helping Hand Coalition team, saying how blessed her son and daughter were with the donation.

Ashdod WWII Refugee organization, led by Vladimir Linstengarten, received brand new sport shoes for their members as well. As Head of the local Holocaust Victim organization, Vladimir wanted to greatly thank GAiN Germany for constantly thinking of them and blessing them in such practical and regular basis through the Helping Hand Coalition.

A huge thanks to GAiN Germany for shipping such high-quality goods and to our local partners Joseph Project for handling all the logistics of bringing the precious donation into Israel. Perfect team work!

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