Jerusalem | Support for Single Mother of Two IDF Soldiers

October 18th, 2023 – Thanks to the sponsors of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, Jerusalem single mother E. received a beautiful check donation for her two children who are currently at the front lines of the war. Her son is located at the Lebanese border in a fighting unit serving up North, and her daughter is at the border of Gaza in the South of Israel.

E. herself has been dealing with major panic attacks this week due to the events of October 7th, the uncertainty and horrors that the Jewish people are going through once again at this time, the sirens and of course knowing that her children are in the front line of the current events.

The donation will help her to purchase basic needed supplies for her children, especially her son who lost his bag with all his supplies, clothing and underwear/socks, phone, equipment and much more. She will also purchase for them protein bars as her fighter son requested and she will buy him a new phone so she can be in touch with since his phone was recently lost.

A huge thanks from the single mother to the sponsors, she sent a beautiful voice message saying that the donation injected hope into her being after feeling crushed for days.