Helping Hand Global Forum for Israel founders meeting

31 October 2012 

A meeting with Israeli organizations representing over 100,000 of victims of Holocaust living in Israel was organized by the Helping Hand Coalition, in attendance with:

  • Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman – Helping Hand Coalition 
  •  Gen. Roman Jagiel, Chairman – Association of Wounded Jewish Soldiers and Partisans who Fought the Nazis
  • Rafi Eitan, Chairman – Pensioner Union
  • Avraham Greenzaid, Chairman – Veterans Union of World War II Fighters Against Nazism
  • Gita Koifman, Chairman – Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel
  • Dr. Alexander Berman, Chairman – Centrum “Hazit HaKavod”
  • Michael Raif, Chairman – Coordination Committee of Russian Immigrants in Israel
  • Aaron Molotkowski, Chairman – Foundation Zikaron 
  • Albert Veksler, Chairman – Israel Empowerment Lobby

The meeting was held in Tel Aviv to form a new organization – integrating platform for worldwide cooperation between Christians and Jews for the agreed project – the Helping Hand Coalition for Israel – Global Forum (GLOBAL FORUM).  

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski was elected unanimously to be the first Chairman of the  GLOBAL FORUM.

Goals of the GLOBAL FORUM include:

  • supporting the State of Israel, victims of Holocaust in Israel and worldwide, 
  • fighting against anti-Semitism, anti-Israeli stance, and Holocaust denial; 
  • supporting under-privileged members of Jewish society, and associated organizations in Israel; 
  • integrating  activities between Israeli State agencies, international and regional Christian networks, Jewish organizations in Israel and overseas, and any other organizations or individual supporters.

GLOBAL FORUM initial projects:

  • preserving memories of all victims of the Holocaust living in Israel and worldwide. This project entails creating a Holocaust Memory online platform operating worldwide, recording on video stories of all Holocaust survivors, collecting written and photo materials about Holocaust from all witness worldwide, printing books and magazines for associated organizations, and production of documentary films about Holocaust.
  • lobbying in the Knesset and Israel State agencies to change laws in order to provide support for victims of the Holocaust, concentration camps and ghetto survivors, refugees, and Jewish war veterans.
  • Organizing international events such as conferences, concerts, seminars, and other forms of interaction with the presence of a worldwide Coalition.
  • Financial support for the victims of the Holocaust who are living in Israel and in need as a primary project for the Coalition.

Presidium of the GLOBAL FORUM will extend invitation for a new members to all Israeli and international organizations of victims of the Holocaust, associated Israel NGOs, and many of regional and international Christian organizations. 

Patronage of Israeli State officials and prominent religious leaders will be invited as well.

Протокол о создании   Всемирного Форума – Коалиция «Рука Помощи Израилю»

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