Photos: HHC Global Forum

The Helping Hand Coalition Just had their 2nd Event At the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament) on Dec 2nd 2014. This gathering included Christians from all over the world such as Dr. Soojin Lee (Pastor of 10,000 Churches in Asia), from the USA – Roger West and Michael Becker (God’s Grace), Crystal Forum – Daniel Rozen and Delegation, and Global Forum members including Holocaust Survivors Organization Associates and leaders, among them Asher Aud, Alexander Berman, Lili Haber , Aaron Azulay , Samuel Joseph, and many others. Together with over 70 leading participants, The Helping Hand Coalition had the honor and privilege meeting with the Knesset Member and Chairman of the Absorption Committee – Mr. Yoel Razvozov, to further and promote blessing the people in need here in Israel (the holocaust survivors), and to promote true and Accurate Media form Israel, to the world!

photos: by Rami Zarnegar

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2nd Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum Convention
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