Orchestra Performance for Holocaust Survivors

During Passover, the Israeli “Liturgi-Kal” Choir, and Ensemble “Barrocada” lead by conductor David Loden, performed the very special classical composition of “Messiah” by G.F. Handel. Several hundred Holocaust survivors attended the event at the Or Akiva Cultural Center and were thrilled to hear the masterpiece performed in Hebrew. Particularly heart-warming was the holiday spirit, as the survivors felt a unique elegance in this traditional concert performance.

Helping Hand Coalition specially thanks DAVID LODEN for hosting an incredible live performance for the Holocaust survivors in Israel.

“Messiah” 2015 Performance by G.F. Handel
Directed and conducted by: David Loden

“Liturgi-Kal” Choir Ensemble “Barrocada”

Soloists: Nava Sahar, Soprano – Alon Harari, Counter-Tenor Oshri Segev, Tenor – Guy Pelc, Bass

For more info on the performance: http://www.kamti.org

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