Power of Reconciliation

June 1st, 2017 – A powerful reconciliation took place at a Shalom House at Caesarea Villa when 20 Holocaust survivors from Hadera were hosted for lunch. Volunteers from the March of Life from Germany and March of Remembrance from South California, USA, worked together to practically show their love to the survivors. A German lady with tears in her eyes shared the story about her lovely and caring father. It was only after his death that she found out what he had done during World War II. It took her a while to be able to speak about it, but one day she decided to join the March of Life movement, to share her family story and ask for forgiveness. Now she and her husband have organized three consecutive Marches of Life in East Germany and are taking a stand for Israel.

Another German lady gave a silver spoon she inherited from her mother to a Ghetto survivor as a symbol of returning what her grandfather had taken from the Jewish people during the World War II. Her grandfather was in charge of confiscating possessions of the Jewish people. At the end one survivor who came to the Shalom House for the first time let us know how special this unique experience between descendants of the perpetrators of the Holocaust and the survivors was for her! “It deeply touched my heart”, she said!

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