Am Israel Chai!

November 29th, 2017 – Shalom House for 15 Holocaust survivors from Or Akiva took place in the Caesarea Villa. This place has been called “Shalom Villa” because most of Shalom Houses have been happening here for over a year now. It has been also nicknamed “March of Life Villa” because so many volunteers from the March of Life movement  come to serve the survivors at the villa. But they do more than setting the place and serving meals.

Two professional chefs from the March of Life Movement from Tubingen, Germany, cooked a delicious meal for the survivors. One of the chefs, not a young man himself, came to Israel because some months ago he found hiding in a small box pictures of his father during War World II. It was very clear from the pictures that his father was a soldier in Leningrad siege and was participating in the mass murder. He was shocked to discover the truth about his father. For 60 years he believed what his father always told him: “I was not a member of the Nazi party”.

After finding out the truth, he and some family members come to Israel in separate trips during the month of November to ask for forgiveness from the Holocaust Survivors. His teenage granddaughter was able to do that, and now he was doing the same with 15 Holocaust survivors. Today he met three people who were in Leningrad siege as children.

We ended the evening by remembering the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations vote endorsing the reestablishment of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel.

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