A Very Special Passover

April 5th, 2018 – Today was a very special day in Ashdod for Michael S., a victim of the Holocaust who escaped from the Nazis at age 6, was pushed off of a train accidentally while escaping and thought to be dead for a moment. Yet his shouting was heard by his uncle who was traveling with him, and the train stopped to help him get back on.

77 years later, Michael lives in Ashdod and has the joy and privilege to be visited by 5 German guests/sponsors who have been supporting him and his late wife for several years now. The German group was eager to meet him, and the interaction was very special. It meant a lot to Michael, especially since he lost his wife to cancer a year and a half ago.

Huge thanks to GAiN Sponsorship Program for blessing so many individuals! The program that has been ongoing for the past 10 years and has built so many friendships and bridges between Israel and Germany, Victims of the Holocaust and German individuals eager to help and support these precious people.

Michael will remember Passover 2018 for a long time!