“A Privilege to Serve You”

May 22nd, 2018 – A group of 8 volunteers from Ecuador, South America, served 19 Holocaust survivors from Hadera and 1 from France. All the volunteers came from a poor area of Ecuador to participate on the March of the Nations and to serve the Holocaust survivors.

The volunteers showed the survivors pictures of the march and shared why it was important for them to come to Israel for this special occasion at this special time in Israel’s history.

A young teenager told the group that unfortunately she did not learn a lot at school about War Word II and that even now there are people in her country that deny the Holocaust. She finished, with tears on her eyes, by saying: “It was a privilege to serve you, to hear your stories and to have fellowship with you. I will be a messenger of telling the truth about the Holocaust, about the beautiful people I met here and what I saw in the past two weeks in Eretz Israel”.

The volunteers learnt a special dance to bless the survivors with, and we think they did very well! The survivors then got up to dance with the volunteers, and everyone had a wonderful time!