GAiN Germany Sponsors Visit Holocaust Survivors

June 14th, 2018 – German sponsors visited the Holocaust survivor they have been supporting for years in Rishon leZion and made her feel very special, more so because the visit comes shortly after she lost her beloved husband Yosef last year. He was a Ghetto survivor and several of his family members were killed in the Holocaust.

Knowing that the German couple cares for her and still supports her on a consistent basis warms up her heart, as she said. It was the second time they paid Irina a visit and came all the way from Germany just to spend time with her.

Another Victim of the Holocaust family from Sderot were also blessed with the visit of their German sponsors. It was a very special time as Karen was visiting them for the second time also.

Thanks the GAiN Sponsorship Program, such new friendship-building is made possible.