High Schoolers Visit Shalom Villa

December 2nd, 2018 – 38 students from Hadera High School volunteered some hours to serve 12 Holocaust survivors from their city in the Shalom House at the Caesarea Villa. The students brought some food, prepared games, sang songs and danced together with the survivors.

Israelis attach much importance and meaning to their children learning about the Holocaust and to passing the memory of it from generation to generation. Here were the students and Holocaust survivors sitting around tables together with March of Life volunteers. The survivors were sharing their stories and answering questions the students had.

One of our German volunteers shared a painful story of her grandparents’ participation in the Holocaust. The director of the March of Life in Israel shared about the plans of the organization in the country. What a beautiful experience to see these two generations celebrating life and volunteers from Germany taking a stand for Israel and going against antisemitism.

At the end of the day the survivors expressed their gratitude for the special time they had together, celebrating the holiday of light and the miracle of Hanukkah.