Listening to Friends

March 13th, 2019 – 8 Holocaust survivors from Hadera came to a Shalom House  in the March of Life Villa in Caesarea.

The director of the March of Life movement in Israel shared with them about the future marches that will take place in June in Israel.

After eating a delicious Mexican lasagna, a small group of the survivors stayed in the living room having interesting talks. Some were posing to take pictures that later on they posted on their Facebook pages, and others were enjoying the sun sitting in the terrace or having a nice swing in the hammock.

One survivor told the volunteers: “Most of the time we are sitting at home looking at the pictures on the walls and having memories, but we have friends here that are listening to us and looking right into our eyes. Thank you very much for always giving us a quality time when we come. Thank you for the important work you are doing among us.”

The volunteers felt they are the ones that are grateful to do these meetings every week!