Happy Purim!

March 21st, 2019 – A Shalom House took place in the March of Life Villa in Caesarea for 12 Holocaust Survivors from Netanya to celebrate the happy holiday of Purim. This holiday commemorates when Queen Esther interceded before King Ahasuerus against the plan of Haman  to destroy the Jewish people of Persia. People  dress up, especially with masks, to remember the hidden identity of Queen Esther.

So to celebrate this holiday together with the survivors, we told them they could come in costumes. We were surprised to see that each came with one, some with masks, and some without. The first thing was to take a good look at each one’s costume, taking time for pictures and admiring the creativity and the effort each person made. The leader of the group made her own costume. She came as the Little Red Riding Hood. “With a little fantasy and idea I made my costume” – she told us. She cut a hat to create her own hood and covered it with a red fabric. She stuffed it with cotton and sewed it. That was a job well done indeed, considering she has problems with her eye sight.

Everyone felt very joyful in the Shalom House – the survivors because they could come wearing some special outfits and the volunteers because they had another opportunity to serve – and everyone rejoicing together. Happy Purim!