Investing a Piece of Your Heart

July 18th, 2019 – Eight Holocaust survivors from Hadera arrived at the March of Life Villa in Caesarea to have a Shalom House meeting.

The survivors were happy to share a great lunch with the volunteers who hosted them. Afterwards the volunteers showed them a video about the Marches of Life that had taken place in 2019. The survivors were deeply touched to see so many people in nations all over the world who support Israel. They were especially touched to hear that many who found out about their family’s involvement in the Holocaust openly expressed how sorry they were for their forefathers and their nations, and asked for forgiveness.

One of the Holocaust survivors left a note in the guest book. She ended it by writing: “You can see that everyone from March of Life invests a piece of their heart into the movement”. What a great support this is for the Holocaust survivors that brings many peoples closer together and restores precious relationships!