GAiN Sponsorship Includes More Survivors

September 13th, 2019 – More Victims of the Holocaust were added to the GAiN Sponsorship Program, this time – elderly from Ofakim, Ashdod and Netanya. A huge thanks to GAiN Germany who supports hundreds of individuals on a monthly basis. Below are the pictures of some of the survivors, with a story of Mina.

Mina from Ashdod (first picture) was born in 1938 in Moldova, Saroki:
When WWII broke out, she was 2.5 years old. She, her sister, brother, her father and mother were taken together to the Bershett ghetto in Vinnitza, Ukraine. They went on foot for days, and her mother was pregnant. From Moldova to Ukraine it took close to one week. Her mother gave birth on the way and became disabled as a result of the extreme conditions, because she was allowed no rest after giving birth. Few days later the baby died.
Mina remembers the freezing room in which they were with other families, it was like a stable for pigs. There was no window, only a small hole in the wall.  Her family saw a lot of people dying. The living conditions were terrible. There was no food, no water and they suffered from starvation. Daily life was a struggle. 

More tragedy struck in 1947, when her father died, burnt alive because of a oil lamp leakage.
When she was 3 years old, Mina froze on the floor after falling asleep (the floor was earthen). When her mother came back from work, she found her on the side stuck, with her ear and side frozen to the floor. Mother and her sister had to pull Mina out, somehow they managed. To this day she has hearing impairments as a result of this.

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