Celebrating Jewish New Year

September 29th, 2019 – Fall feasts are here again, concluding the annual cycle of celebrations. First in line is the New Year, or Scripturally the Feast of Trumpets, when shofars are blown all over Israel and people come together to celebrate.

Many Holocaust survivors are alone for the holidays, so volunteers of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל) made sure that they celebrate together at the March of Life Villa. Nine Holocaust survivors from Netanya and Or Akiva came to lunch prepared by volunteers from Poland, Russia and Colombia. A family from Hadera volunteered their time as well to serve the survivors. They brought flowers, gifts and Rosh HaShanah cards that the young girls had made during the week before the event.

One of the survivors mentioned that it was her birthday, and the volunteers quickly blew some balloons, got a birthday gift for her and sang happy birthday in Hebrew.

At the end of the evening and outside on the street, the survivors enjoyed the famous Shana Tova (Good Year) song sang by the youngest member of the family from Hadera.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Jewish New Year. Shana Tova (wishing you a good year ahead) to all our friends!