Unique Encounters at Shalom House

November 5th, 2019 – Every time young people show up for a Shalom House meeting, the March of Life Villa experiences a different kind of dynamics. The interaction between the young and the elderly is always amazing, and something special is always passed from generation to generation at times like this.

And so it was when high school students came from Ashdod to serve 15 Holocaust survivors from Hadera together with exchange students from Germany and volunteers from the USA.

After the lunch the students listened to personal stories of the Holocaust. There was a unique encounter between the German teacher who told how his grandfather served in the German air force during WWII and a survivor who shared about hiding from the bombs in his little town. The two embraced each other, one asking for forgiveness, the other forgiving.

The Israeli teacher and her students were happy to see a new generation of Germans standing for Israel, especially in a time when antisemitism is growing again around the world. For them, this too was a unique experience that they will share with others in their school.