To Bring Happiness

January 11th, 2020 – Around sixty Survivors of the Holocaust came to the Veterans and Survivors Club in Ramat Gan area to hear beautiful tunes from all over the world played especially for them. The musician couple – Shaul and Yulia – who have been performing for 18 years in Israel and abroad, played their music on eight different instruments to the delight of their listeners.

Some music was new to their ears and some was well known and beloved. “Our purpose is to bring happiness and smiles into the life of the survivors,” – says Yulia – “and for the smiles to remain as long as possible on their faces!” To make this possible, Shaul and Yulia come and play with much love and also ask the survivors to participate in singing the tunes and the words together with them. Both contemporary and classical Israeli and Russian music has a large place in survivors’ lives and hearts, they sing with pleasure along with the performers, and this will really keep the memories of the concert coming back again and again.

The survivors thanked Helping Hand Coalition for Israel for making the concert possible.