Music Brings Memories and Smiles

February 2nd, 2020 – Helping Hand Coalition for Israel helped to sponsor another wonderful concert for survivors of the Holocaust and WWII veterans at a veterans’ club in Ofakim. Such help is always valued and welcome, as clubs for the elderly do not have enough budget to pay the fees for concerts.

Nearly seventy people turned up to hear musicians Yulia and Shaul play and singer Marina sing the old songs loved from the time of youth of the listeners. All three artists love to play and sing for the survivors. They say that their is the generation that loves and appreciates music so much that they sing along and even dance during the concert.

“The audience is very contact-friendly”, – says Marina who loves every song she shares and has a heart for survivors. “Every concert is a great pleasure when you know your listeners appreciate your performance. We come with a heart of love for the people first of all”, – add Yulia and Shaul.