Mobility and Eye Clinic 2020: Week Eight-Over 3,000 People Served!

March 15th, 2020 – During this last week of the clinic, our team of volunteers was in Haifa, where they distributed glasses to 46 refugees of the Holocaust and immigrants from the former USSR at a hostel for retirees. The team received many thanks and grateful smiles and hugs.

In Migdal ha-Emek, a town in the Jordan Valley (the name of the town means “The Tower of the Valley”), the municipality opened its doors to the team to serve 46 Children of the Holocaust.

In Holon, The Association of Ghetto and Concentration Camp Survivors housed the clinic and 62 elderly were fitted with glasses.

Altogether, during the eight weeks of the clinic and 42 days of distribution all through the land of Israel, more than 2,600 people received free eye glasses and over 400 – mobility aids and blood pressure monitors.

Looking at all the photos taken during these weeks, we see so many smiling faces and grateful eyes, and that’s what is making our work so worthwhile! We thank everyone who participated and donated towards the mobility and eye clinic!