Delivering the Gifts

November 12th, 2020 – Thanks to the generosity of sponsors of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, dozen of Survivors of the Holocaust and Jewish Fighters Against Nazism are receiving more support in form of grocery cards.

On top of that, many received colorful hand-made quilts made by Gleanings for the Hungry in the US and shipped by Israel Food Outreach. The survivors received donation of face masks as well.

In such critical times, the elderly were very grateful for every single one of these donations, as well as the fact that local public figures took their time to visit them and deliver the gifts.

In Netanya, an organization led by Mila Fleitman, “Nitsolim lema’an haatid» (Survivors for the Future), received thousands of face masks for elderly in need, WWII Refugees and New Immigrants in the city. A huge thanks to GAiN Germany for donating and shipping the needed goods.