Happy Birthday to WWII Survivor!

November 26th, 2020 – We rejoice with Ida from Ashdod, a WWII child refugee, who for the past fifteen years has been a librarian at a local Veterans organization. She appears in the first picture with the head of the organization, Sofia Klimentieva, Ida was happy and thankful to receive the gift of a grocery card for her birthday.

More elderly survivors belonging to the Rishon leZion Association of Ukrainian immigrants and the Netanya Association of Belarus immigrants were blessed with brand-new handmade quilts and face masks. Both Chairmen, David Levin and Eugene Kuznikov, extended their blessings and thanks to GAiN Germany (face masks) and Gleanings for the Hungry with Israel Food Outreach (quilts) for donating the goods through the Helping Hand Coalition for Israel.