“You Are the First People We Saw”

May 23rd, 2021 – Survivors of the Holocaust living in the south of Israel (Ashdod, Ofakim) were so happy to receive visits from representatives of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, and for some of them, in addition getting mail and packages from their German sponsors (through the GAiN Sponsorship Program), the next day after an extremely difficult two weeks of constant rocket fire and incessant sirens. Nina from Ofakim, who is 93 years old, couldn’t run to safety due to her health condition. Thankfully she is ok (first photo). Maria from Ashdod (second photo) said she wasn’t scared of the constant rocket fire and sirens, but did go to safety most times she needed to. She did confess though admiring a couple times from her window how the Iron Dome was blowing up rockets in the Israeli sky.

Ashdod WWII Veteran organization received gift grocery cards for for their Victims of the Holocaust, widows of Veterans and WWII Refugees. A huge thank-you from Sofia Klimentiev, the Head of the Ashdod organization, to C4I Germany for blessing them in such a practical way! Sofia said: “You are the first people we saw as soon as the rocket fire stopped, to come to visit us and bring support. Thanks to Helping Hand Coalition for Israel and of course to all those behind them – all the special international friends such as Christians for Israel”. Sofia clearly felt your love!