Excitement and Joy

June 2nd, 2021 – Bustan Ha-Galil youth village (near Akko) received amazing Adidas sportswear clothing and shoes for their students. Many of the teens come from difficult backgrounds and underprivileged families, and receive a great education through studies and sports, preparing them to face real life on their own.

Oshri, youth leader and educator at the boarding school, shared the excitement and joy the students felt receiving such great shoes and clothing. Some couldn’t believe the goods were for free. One of the students was still wearing a pair of shoes he had received few years ago from a previous container. The teens excitedly dug into their gifts and put on shoes, T-shirts and other clothing, beaming with smiles of appreciation not just for the goods themselves, but also for thoughtfulness and love behind the gifts.

Huge thanks to GAiN Germany for shipping such high-quality goods and to our local partners Joseph Project for handling all the logistics of bringing the precious donation into Israel. Amazing team work!