Visiting Carmiel

June 29th, 2021 – Very fruitful and pleasant visit yesterday by representatives of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel to Carmiel municipality. Carmiel is a town in the north of Israel with a beautiful mountainous landscape and large Russian-speaking community, including almost 2,000 Survivors of the Holocaust.

Andre Gasiorowski, the Chairman of the charity, discussed several issues of present and future areas of cooperation with Yael, the Head of the Welfare Department, Michael, representative of a new Knesset member Tatyana Mazarski (formerly Deputy Mayor of Carmiel), and Yunona, who is a personal coordinator for the survivors. Much attention was given to the dental treatment project, presented by the project head Sarah Gasiorowski and the project coordinator Christie.

It was very heartwarming and refreshing to see and hear how much the welfare department cares and does for the survivors.Yael also received from Helping Hand Coalition a large number of gift grocery cards, to benefit 90 families and individuals of the town who lost their jobs and were severely affected by the effects of Covid-19 pandemic. Yael thanked Andre and Sarah for thoughtfulness and help towards the residents of the town and asked them to convey their heart-felt appreciation to GAiN Germany who made the donation possible.