Israeli Cabinet Approves 2021-2022 State Budget.

New budget will add NIS 1b. to help the poor and the disabled

State budget will provide millions of shekels for survivors of domestic violence, those with disabilities, food security, welfare dormitories, senior citizens, Holocaust survivors, and more,  after Israel has been without a budget for more than three years.

  • 300 million NIS will be allotted for Holocaust survivors, which will provide the country’s estimated 117,000 survivors with an extra 2,500 NIS per year in stipends. Many of the survivors currently live under the poverty line.
  • 105 million NIS will be added to the budget for combating domestic violence, allowing the ministry to construct new dormitories for battered women and men, as well as improving the time needed for it to take on new cases.
  • 100 million NIS will be added to the country’s food security program, allowing tens of thousands of poor households to be added to a pilot program guaranteeing sustenance for needy families.
  • 230 million NIS will be set aside for renovating welfare dormitories and offices, as well as constructing new ones.
  • 75 million NIS will be given for people with disabilities, increasing benefit payments for families and providing additional services.
  • 60 million NIS will be added to develop services for senior citizens to prevent loneliness.
  • 40 million NIS will be added to programs that protect social workers, and NIS 42m. will be allocated for youth at risk.

In addition, the Finance Ministry and the Construction and Housing Ministry released a plan Monday that will provide new public housing options for needy populations. The plan will include the purchase of 1,700 new apartments for public housing by 2023 and the construction of 3,000 housing units for senior citizens, to be financed with the assistance of the Jewish Agency. At least 200 families will also be eligible for 10-year long-term rental agreements in public housing in four cities under the “Safe Rent” pilot program, which will be implemented by a developer in conjunction with the Housing Ministry.

“I am proud that after years of efforts to replenish the public housing stock in the State of Israel, we have succeeded in bringing a total of 4,700 new housing units in public housing for the weakest people in our society,” said Construction and Housing Minister Ze’ev Elkin.

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