New Year and Sukkot gifts of love for Holocaust Survivors

This year’s New Year and Sukkot celebrations have been a time of great blessing. By God’s grace, the HHC has been powered by abundant aid provided by its partners – Christians for Israel, GAiN, and Gods Grace International. We were able to purchase food coupons for 3,000 people. Also with funds from “Back to Zion” (a mission founded by Alexander and Cecylia Dietze from their German sponsors), food coupons for additional 1,200 were purchased, which Aleksandra and Cecylia Dietze  donated to the victims of the Holocaust, and distributed together together to Holocaust Survivors with the Helping Hand Coalition.

This year, when handing out coupons, we decided to personally visit all possible towns in the settlement, and despite the restrictions on the number of people at meetings due to CoVid, to meet the maximum number of groups from all organizations representing Holocaust victims throughout Israel, and to bless them personally on behalf all those who provided such support. The meeting was attended by mayors of many cities who expressed their gratitude for taking care of the Holocaust survivors. In the case of the largest groups with over several hundred members, as requested, part of the funds was transferred directly to organizations to finance New Year’s and Sukkot events, retreat trips, purchase of birthday souvenirs and other purposes.

While traveling in Israel, Andre Gasiorowski, Rita Tager and Alexander Dietze worked as one united team. Aleksander was giving a wonderful testimony of his life everywhere, when he discovered 10 years ago that his grandfather was the active perpetrator of the death of Jews during the Holocaust and that his family was part of the extermination of Jews and other nations. When he talked about how, while seeking answers from God, he discovered the purpose of life in the Bible – “Nahamu Nahamu Ami” – “comfort, comfort my people”, and that he has been serving the victims of the Holocaust in Israel with his heart for many years, representing the multitudes of people who donated funds for this purpose – there are tears in everyone’s eyes.

Many Holocaust survivors talk to us about God after the meetings, ask for prayer, bless us, families, and members of HHC who made this help possible.

In the coming days, to each supported partner we will provide detailed and individual stories of visits to Holocaust survivors.

We would like to thank all our partners once again – Harald Eckert and Christians for Israel, Klaus Dewald and the entire team from GAiN, Roger West and God’s Grace International team, and Aleksander and Cecylia Dietze and supporters for Back to Zion for making it all possible this year. God bless you all.