Post-Hanukka Celebration in Migdal HaEmek Elderly Club

December 9th, 2021 – A special post-Hanukah celebration supported by Helping Hand Coalition for Israel took place at Migdal haEmek (a town in Jezreel valley) with close to 100 survivors of the Holocaust. Most of these elderly are evacuation survivors. (Sadly, during this event it was shared that there are only 4 WWII veterans left alive in the entire town of Migdal haEmek, whose population is nearly 26,000 residents).

Present at the event were:
– Acting Deputy Mayor of Migdal Haemek, Sergei Oklender,
– Director of the Absorption Division, Fani Tablovitch
– Chairman of the Holocaust survivors Migdal HaEmek evacuation organization, Roman Tabachnikov
– Executive Director of Helping Hand Coalition, Luke Gasiorowski
– CEO of Back To Zion Organizaiton, Alexander Dietze
– Helping Hand Coalition Project Manager, Rita Tager

And of course, wonderful and festive music was performed by Mr. Semion Pismanik and Mrs. Natalia Belinova.

At the event, greetings and blessings were shared, a short video about Helping Hand Coalition for Israel was shown, many musical performances were done and all of the elderly were touched, moved and overjoyed by gathering together and celebrating another year of life.