Heaters Donated to Survivors in Haifa

January 23rd, 2022 – This week, Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, at the request of Haifa City Council member Lazar Kaplun, donated 150 heaters to survivors of the disaster. In these cold days, heaters have already begun to be delivered, another hundred and fifty will leave next week.

The money for the heaters was provided by Alexander Dietze, Director General of the “Back to Zion” organization in Germany, whose members discovered that their parents and grandparents were Nazi, SS and Wermacht officers during World War II. “Helping Hand Coalition for Israel is an organization with which we regularly cooperate, and which very often helps us,” – said Lazar.

Organizations of veterans and survivors of the disaster also take part in the assistance. 150 more heaters were donated to survivors of the Holocaust from the Association of Victims of the Holocaust in Haifa, organization with 800 survivors, members of the Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum.

It is on these days that we especially remember the last week of the siege of Leningrad, which ended on January 27. The same day is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.