More Great Quality Shoes Donated

February 23rd, 2022 – Victims of the Holocaust, WWII Refugees and War Veterans from the cities of Migdal Haemek, Hadera, Maalot, Rehovot receiving elegant dress shoes shipped all the way from Germany especially for the precious elderly.

Helping Hand Coalition for Israel is partnering with the Municipality of Harish on projects aimed at supporting Harish’s people in need: seniors, single mothers, youth, new immigrants, as well as providing regular support to ALL Holocaust survivors living in the city.

Already a large batch of financial aid for Holocaust survivors was provided at the beginning of February and now, amazing humanitarian aid in the form of high value/quality sportswear clothing and shoes were delivered to municipality officials and will bless hundreds of families.

The wait for getting on social services registration list takes almost 6 months due to the great needs.

Harish is a new Israeli town located 15 min from Caesarea, developed 5 years ago and went from a settlement of 1,000 to a population of 35,000 residents today, with a plan to turn Harish into a city of 50,000 in another three years. Eventually the goal is to reach 100,000 residents. The city’s population consists mainly of Orthodox Jews (55%) and new immigrants (45%).

Many move to Harish due to lower rent costs, but find themselves without work (no industrial area yet), and with transportation problems.

Thousands of individuals have been blessed with the donation nationwide already.

A huge thanks to GAiN Germany for shipping such high-quality goods and to our local partners Joseph Project for handling all the logistics of bringing the precious donation into Israel. Amazing team work!