Gifts of Mobility Equipment

June 7th, 2022 – More victims of the Holocaust from Netanya received brand new mobility equipment walkers, huge thanks to Christians for Israel (C4I) Germany. The elderly are grateful for the donation and greatly thank their German friends.

Fira (top photo) couldn’t use the 4 wheel walker she received few weeks ago from Helping Hand Coalition for Israel. Like many of the elderly, the one room apartment she lives in is so small that the mobility aid equipment can’t go through some doors or turns. She was so happy to find out that Cosmotrade agreed to replace her walker to a 3 wheel walker that operates perfectly in her small apartment.

A huge thanks to C4I Germany for financing the purchase.

WWII Refugees in Ofakim received canes with extra-wide foot and adjustable height. The elderly were grateful to be getting the mobility aid equipment.

A big thanks to C4I Germany for purchasing the canes.