Beit Reches Club Bat Mitzvah, Pardes-Hana – Step into Adulthood

All over the world, Jewish boys and girls observe their first steps into adulthood with a bar/bat mitzvah; however, not every family has the money to celebrate this special occasion with a party. On July 13th, the Beit Reches Club (מועדונית בית רכס) for children at risk in Pardes-Hana Karkur hosted an elaborate bat mitzvah for five girls — Aline, Sonia, Nicole, Noa, and Jasmine. Helping Hand Coalition sponsored the catering and attended the event with a message to the young women. 

Speaking on behalf of Helping Hand Coalition, Ronit said during her speech, “We are so proud and excited to take part in this wonderful party, and wish all the children of Beit Reches Club success along the way. And, to the lovely girls who have reached the age of mitzvah, you’ve gone through twelve years of childhood, growth, and development. You have learned a lot of things that will help you along the way, and of course, there is much more to learn later in life. May health and love envelop you, and God protect you and your families.” 

The Beit Reches Club is an afternoon facility that brings fourteen kids (ages 11-12) together to finish their homework, play games, and do special activities like sports each week. Shosh Multiz, an instructor at the club, initiated this joint bat mitzvah and graduation party with the help of volunteers and service girls, creating a magical evening that the kids and their families will cherish for years to come. 

“These children rarely celebrate birthdays and bat mitzvahs,” one of the service girls commented. “This year, we decided to take the initiative to do a special event focusing on the five mitzvah girls, including a graduation party for the club. Shosh received donations for the hall, DJ, photographer, hairdresser, makeup artists, and, of course, the food. We all really enjoyed the event — both the organizers and participants.”

Orly has catered many events for Helping Hand Coalition, but none that hit so close to home. Explaining what it meant to be involved in this celebration, she said, “I was really happy to hear about it because while I was living in Holon, I was looking after a girl who was having a really, really rough life. It’s sad to know that so many unfortunate people can’t celebrate the bat mitzvah, so when [the girl] was with us, my family made her the biggest party you can imagine. It made such a change in her life, and now I’m happy that I can be part of that again!” 

Helping Hand Coalition was honored to attend and participate in this special night and thanks the organizers for including us in their celebration.