“Great to See the Joy and Excitement”

January 27th, 2023 – Victims of the Holocaust from Ofakim WWII Association of Children of the Holocaust, led by Esfie Davidoff, received high quality handmade quilts. The elderly were very happy for the donations and know that behind those beautiful blankets are their international friends who deeply care for them. Esfie, the head of the association, said it was so great to see the joy and excitement of each one receiving the special blankets and bedding items.

Throughout the month of January, dozens of survivors of the Holocaust (in Haifa withMargarita Pugashevski and in Hadera with Sima Fiedosova) received these colorful hand made gifts that never fail to surprise with their unique colors and never fail to warm the survivors in more ways than one.

The quilts were made by Gleanings for the Hungry California, and shipped by Israel Food Outreach led by Dudley Goff, a huge friend to our American friends.