Or Akiva: Renovation of After-School Center

March 6th, 2023 – Holy Ground Explorations team renovating and transforming an after school center in Or Akiva, which welcomes dozens of children coming from underprivileged families. These children spend many hours at such centers,receiving help with homework while waiting for their parents to finish the working day.

Heads of Local social services as well as their staff were inspired beyond words by the incredible work the volunteer group did for 3 days straight.

The amazing team led by Dan & Sharon Stolebarger come every year from America, Australia and Canada to bless various cities in Israel. Not only do they work for entire days at a stretch, they also finance the renovation projects they take on. At the end of 3 days of intensive work, Yaakov Israel Netanyahu, principal CEO at the municipality of Or Akiva came in person to thank and honor the Holy Ground Explorations team.

A huge thanks to Sharon and Daniel Stolebarger for bringing such an amazing team every year!