First Ever Shalom House Shabbat Dinner

An early Shabbat dinner was held on April 7th at the HHC Caesarea Villa with 20 survivors from Netanya who were part of Mila Kornish’s group. The event began with the lighting of candles carried out by Bożena Gąsiorowski and a kiddush performed by Andre Gąsiorowski and Pastor Daniel Rozen, who later also shared the Torah Portion of the week and talked about the Passover holiday of the week.

The delicious dinner, prepared by Sarah and Luke Gąsiorowski (Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Director) and Christian volunteer Jola Guzowska was enjoyed by all participants, who were also thrilled with each other’s company. The rest of the event was filled with beautiful music, during which Mila’s brother, Alexander Fridman, played the violin. The repertoire consisted of old traditional Hebrew and Russian songs and also some classics. A charming atmosphere was created with the sound of music and glowing candles in the salon in the Villa. Everybody had a good time.

Overall the event was successful. For the first time, the Shalom House was organized in the form of a “Kabbalat Shabbat”. The survivors loved mingling with the international visitors brought by the Rosen family. It was a great opportunity for them to meet and eat a Shabbat meal together while learning about their Jewish culture and tradition. Beautiful music added to the ambiance of this event, making it an evening to remember.