“Znowu Razem” Spreads Joy at Heartwarming Shalom House in Caesarea Villa

June 2nd, 2023 – The spirit of joy and unity filled the air as the “Znowu Razem” organization returned to Israel, partnering with the Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum Villa to host a heartwarming Shalom House event in Caesarea. Survivors who came from Maalot were treated to a day filled with blessings, love, and happiness.

Warmly welcomed, 20 survivors of the Holocaust from Maalot enjoyed a delectable Polish lunch that nourished their bodies and uplifted their spirits. After dinner, the atmosphere was filled with music as one survivor skillfully played the piano, joined later by another survivors singing. Their heartfelt performance added warmth and gratitude to the event, showcasing their desire to contribute and give something meaningful to the Polish group.

In the cozy living room of the villa, the “Znowu Razem” team shared their ongoing efforts in Poland, emphasizing the importance of preserving Jewish culture and heritage. The survivors attentively listened, appreciating the dedication and commitment demonstrated by the organization. Heartfelt pictures created by Polish children were presented to the survivors, conveying messages of happiness and reigniting hope within their hearts.

As the gathering neared its end, soulful melodies filled the room as Jurek and Grzegorz played their guitars. Their heartfelt performance of Polish-Jewish songs created an atmosphere of unity and shared heritage. In a beautiful display of solidarity, the survivors joined their voices in harmony, celebrating enduring bonds that transcend time and place.

The Shalom House event organized by “Znowu Razem” and the Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum Villa left an indelible mark of hope and inspiration on the survivors from Maalot. It served as a reminder of the transformative power of love and compassion, inspiring others to contribute acts of kindness and respect towards Holocaust survivors. Join us in creating meaningful and heartwarming events, where we can continue to spread love, respect and joy to survivors in Israel.