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Caesarea | Celebrating the Arrival of 5784 in Shalom House

Celebrating the Arrival of 5784 in Shalom House on September 19th

A heartwarming and lively celebration unfolded as 40 Holocaust survivors from Hadera under the leadership of Ludmila Melamud – all members of the Association of Ghetto and Concentration Camps Survivors, welcomed the Jewish New Year of 5784 at the Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum Villa. The Kesher Foundation thoughtfully organized the event, led by Pastors Victor and Julia Blum, alongside a dedicated group of volunteers who had carefully prepared the venue for this joyful occasion.

Andre and Bozena Gasiorowski, representatives from the Helping Hand Global Forum, warmly greeted all the guests, extending their sincere wishes for a delightful celebration and the coming New Year. Pastor Victor and Julia Blum delivered a meaningful address, explaining the significance of the festivity and setting the tone for the day’s festivities. A delegation of Friends of Israel from China, led by Grace Gao and famous Chinese singer Esther Ha Hui, attended this event.

Adding a touch of international flair to the proceedings, Esther Ha Hui graced the event with her presence. Her participation was especially meaningful, considering her involvement in a Chinese-Israeli production and her role as an Executive Producer and lead singer in a Chinese government-sponsored ceremony held in Caesarea (Israel) on the 18th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Israel in 2010, with Israeli President Shimon Peres’s participation in front of over 3,000 Jewish audiences.

Andre and Bozena Gasiorowski honored Esther’s contributions by nominating her as an official Peace Ambassador to the Helping Hand Global Forum. It was a significant acknowledgment of her dedication and commitment to spreading joy and unity.

Following these heartwarming ceremonies, a delicious celebratory lunch was served. A pianist from Hadera provided the musical backdrop, playing traditional New Year songs in Hebrew and Russian. The power of music and song ignited a joyful spirit, prompting survivors to join in, clap, and even dance. The room was filled with togetherness, shared meals, and pure happiness.

And we are left with yet another beautiful memory of an event for the survivors, this time in partnership with the wonderful Kesher group. This unforgettable gathering filled every heart with joy as the survivors embraced the new season’s dawn. It was a testament to their enduring spirit of resilience and the strong sense of community that binds them together.

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