Petach Tikva | Extra Support for a Disabled Underprivileged Family

October 11th, 2023 – On top of receiving financial support from Helping Hand Coalition for Israel to help them purchase appliances and cover the cost of the move to their new rented apartment, Rimma (disabled) and her mother (victim of the Holocaust) were blessed to receive brand new home supplies, such as blankets, towers, kitchen utensils and many more items.

Huge thank-you to Joseph Project, who donated all the items, which were delivered by Helping Hand Coalition.

Rimma has been under a lot of financial stress and felt so blessed to be getting all the donations. Please pray for her as she is fighting to get her mother released from the nursing home she is currently in; although she has all the doctor authorizations, they won’t let it happen yet and this family is currently paying rent in two places.