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Getting to Know You – Dental Treatment Project – Shalom House July 24th

Six years ago, The Dental Treatment Project was born and focuses on bringing dental aid to survivors in need. Partnering with Jewish Voice International, an organization stationed in Arizona, USA, Helping Hand Coalition has helped hundreds of survivors receive financial assistance for major dental work! On July 24th, HHC hosted a concert event for Holocaust survivors living in Or Akiva who participated in the Dental Treatment Project, so they could meet and get to know those involved in creating the project on a deeper level. It was a joyous afternoon, full of smiles and new friendships.

Blessed Through You – Shalom House July 8th

As HHC begins to slow down for Israel’s hot summer, on July 8th we hosted a small group of thirteen survivors from Survivors of Nazism, located in Hadera. Bozena Gasiorowski welcomed everyone to the villa and shared her excitement for the day’s musical talents — Alyosha & Jody Ryabinov, David Forman, Claudia, and Dagi — to perform.

SNN: Polish-Israeli Relations

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski took part in the first round table workshop on improving relations between Poland and Israel on Monday, July 1  “Israel and Poland are interested and have to overcome the misunderstandings to reach agreements and upgrade diplomatic relations between them,” says Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman of Yad La’Aza L’Israel Forum, following a round table workshop on improving relations between Poland and Israel at the Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya Academic College.

SNN: Beauty for Ashes – Artists for Holocaust Survivors

Artists from around the world gift their artwork to Holocaust survivors.
Beauty for Ashes is a project that was started by Jörn Lange and is the name of a group of Christian artists who paint prophetic pictures for Holocaust survivors. That artists and painters pray before they start to paint and they are convinced that God can speak to people through art.

Tysol: Jarosław Papis o sukcesie spektaklu o Sendlerowej w Izraelu:Pięć dni pod rząd przy komplecie publiczności

– Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nes Cijona. We played five days in a row with the audience. The performance “Irena Sendler-Justice” won the hearts of the Israeli audience. There were tears, there were a lot of conversations, there was a very good and warm welcome – writes Jarosław Papis, a Polish Jew, head of the Hatikva Foundation, producer of the show shown in Poland and Israel.